Nerve, Bone, and Joint Institute



The Nerve, Bone, and Joint Institute (NBJI) is a Washington, DC based, specialty medical practice designed to diagnose and treat neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. We aim to provide high quality comprehensive care for those suffering from pain and/or stress due to neuro-musculoskeletal medical issues. Neuro-musculoskeletal system is an integrated system of the body, intimately interconnected with body functions. Accordingly, ailments in the neuro-musculoskeletal system may also cause, contribute or exacerbate other conditions or disorders. For instance, neuro-musculoskeletal conditions can place stress on the spine and its joints, thus, affecting the nervous system and causing decreased mobility, inflammation, pain, stiffness and swelling.


Our goal at NBJI, is to evaluate patient conditions on a case-by-case basis and provide a personalized management plan for each individual. In creating the patient management plan, NBJI physicians consider a full-spectrum of treatment modalities encompassing restorative, regenerative and reconstructive options. This full-spectrum treatment approach may include non-operative, interventional and operative care. By utilizing our comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach, we strive to ensure the successful treatment of each and every patient.



Our Staff


Shar Hashemi, MD facs

Dr. Hashemi is a board certified dual fellowship trained surgeon. He specializes in peripheral nerve surgery and surgery of the hand. He attended medical school at the George Washington University. He completed a General Surgery Residency, Combined Orthopaedic/Plastic Hand Surgery Fellowship at the University of Minnesota and a Peripheral Nerve Surgery Fellowship at Dellon Institute. Dr. Hashemi's unique dual fellowship training enables him to diagnose, manage and treat complex neuromusculoskeletal problems.

Dr. Hashemi has presented his research in the field of peripheral nerve surgery at three national society meetings including the AAOS, ASPN, and ASSH. Dr. Hashemi also conducts national and international lectures to specialist physicians, residents, and physical therapists regarding his research and practice as a peripheral nerve surgeon


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morvarid yousefi, MD


Dr. Morvarid Yousefi is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist. With a clinical practice that emphasizes the non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Yousefi’s goal is to help eliminate patients’ pain while improving their overall health and wellness.

Dr. Yousefi's special interests and advanced training includes musculoskeletal ultrasound, interventional joint procedures, nerve procedures, prolotherapy, and regenerative therapies such as platelet rich plasma to treat various orthopedic complaints. She graduated from The George Washington University School of Medicine and completed her residency at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).


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jeff zhang, md

Dr. Zhang is an orthopedic surgeon having over 42 years of diverse experience, especially in Orthopedic surgery. He attended and graduated from medical school in 1976 from First Military Medical University in Guangzhou, China. He completed an orthopedic surgery residency at Zhoujiang Hospital. Dr. Zhang completed an Orthopedic Sports Fellowship in Georgia, a Peripheral Nerve Surgery Fellowship at the Dellon Institute, and a Hand Fellowship at the Kleinert Kutz Institute for Hand and Microsurgery.



Mr. Sam Hashemi, ME, MBA

Sam Hashemi has over 30 years of experience in business development and management in large companies. He employs his extensive experience and expertise as part of NBJI’s business administration team to facilitate and ensure the best patient experience at NBJI. 

Sam received his MS degree in Mechanical engineering and MBA from Tehran University. He went on to complete the academic requirements for engineering administration as a Doctoral of Science candidate at The George Washington University.